disposable 13.56MHZ PVC RFID identification bracelet
11/03/2014 BY XINYETONG


different colour NFC bracelet 
1.chip is changable 
2.large memory 
3.Customized design 


different colour NFC bracelet .   


silicone rfid wristband

1.nfc chip

2.Good quality,best price and service

  silicone rfid wristband

3.Frequency:high frequency,low frequency

4.we can print some simple logo on the silicone rfid wristband

1. Physical


Silicone gel


XYT-WD-201: 74 mm (OD), 67 mm ID

XYT-WD-101: 67 mm/ 61( OD), 57 mm/ 51 ( ID)

other size is according to your idea


Logo, text

Chip type

RFID chip

High Frequency (13.56MHz):

Mf1 1K S50/ 4K S70/ Ultralight / Ntag203 

Data example

Short url, phone number, piece of text

Special features

Water proof of IP68

Anti-scratch, Anti-abrasion

Harsh environment resistance

2.RFID Futures

Operating Frequency:

 13.56 MHz 

Reading Distance

2-10 cm (13.56 Mhz)

4. Environment

Operating temp

-20 ~ +70 Celsius Degree

Storage Temperature

-40~ 60 Celsius Degree

On shelf life

5 year

5. Advantage

Waterproof, moisture - proof, shock, heat - resistant

easy to wear and use


3.Typical Application:

Widly used in entremely humid envieronment like swimming pools,freezer,waterproof inspection,field working conditions,or evern immerse them underwater for a lonf time,they could sill work normaly.  


4.Delivery information:

1)ways:by DHL/UPS/Fedex,or as your requirement

2)500-1000pcs need 5-7 days to finish it.

3)time:by DHL/UPS/Fedex,is about 4-5 days